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10 Commandment of Natural Wines

What Natural wines are? Our 10 COMMANDMENTS OF NATURAL WINES may help:

1. Thou shall not lie.
You shall make true wine, hide nothing, honor its character and place of growth, you shall allow all weather conditions to take their natural course and you will honor what the French call its terroir.

2. Thou shall not spray.
Honor the credo that everything is interrelated and your vineyard is a part of nature and the entire biosphere called Gaia by some. For this reason you shall live in harmony with nature and if your grapes have a disease you shall not spray them with chemical poisons which may be reflected in the wine but shall rather enhance the natural ability of the wine to fight disease.

3. Thou shall not water.
Even if it doesn’t rain for days, grape roots have the ability to use lower earth waters including many interesting minerals from the earth. If a grape plant is watered it often becomes lazy and the taste turns out dull.

4. Thou shall not sweeten.
If there was not enough sun then the cider has low sugar. But wine is forgiving and in this case will offer its natural acidity or minerality. If the need to sweeten remains, always use thickened juice from your own grapes and never use beet sugar.

5. Thou shall not flavor.
You shall not even think about artificial tannins or other flavor enhancers.

6. Thou shall not mix.
Never add juice from grapes other than your own into your barrels.

7. Thou shall not add artificial yeast.
You shall let the wine ferment with the use of local yeasts found naturally on the grapes.

8. Thou shall not filter.
Each filtering process takes away from its natural taste and bouquet. Some are bothered by the cloudiness of unfiltered young wine. Each cloudiness will dissipate in time but what has been taken out of a wine can never be replaced.

9. Thou shall not over-barrique.
A proper barrique, or the aging of wine in oak barrels, decently enhances a wine’s natural flavor. If this process is overdone, however, you end up with a wine ideal for mulled wine, you won’t even have to add vanilla.

10. Thou shall not use sulphite.
Sulphites are used for oak barrels not wine. If your cellar is clean, your wine will stay healthy without sulphites.